Walking – Services & Prices

I’d love to brighten your dog’s day…

by offering a group dog walking service or a more tailored service (schedule permitting).

My group walks are between 50 & 60mins, plus travelling time (up to 45 min max either side of the walk time to allow for other collections/traffic/reaching the walk destination etc). These walks are most suited to fit, active and very sociable dogs with a good recall.

Your dog will be collected from your home address, in my air-conditioned and professionally fitted, caged van for your dog’s safety. Your dogs will then be returned to your home address, and if necessary, hosed/towelled off and will return feeling happy and content after lots of sniffing, playing and generally relaxing and having a fabulous time with a few lovely doggy friends!

“We just wanted to say thank you for the care and walks you have been giving Zac. His behaviour and demeanour whilst out, has definitely returned to calm since he has been with you. So we just wanted to say thank you! We are very pleased and grateful to have found you. xx”

Some advantages of using my group walking service:

I like to promote the best care and welfare for your dog over financial gain: Only dogs over the age of 10 months will be considered for services. Group Walks are around 50-60 minutes (unless of course in situations such as extreme weather or if your dog is on a restricted exercise programme etc).

Short Journey Times: My business will put your dog first! Your dog will get to know what delights are coming when they are collected, their so the quicker I can get them on a fabulous walk in the countryside the less stressed and anxious they will be and the quicker they can relieve themselves too! The maximum time your dog will be in my van before walking is a maximum of around 45min either side of the walk, often as little as 15 mins (depending on if your dog is the first of last collection). I can also avoid excessively long journeys for your dogs by keeping the custom local to my own home.

Why my Walking Group service: I really do want to ensure that each dog is really enjoying my attention and their whole walking experience. I am always watching the dogs behaviour and body language to try and ensure all dogs are enjoying their walking experience. Group walks require very careful management and my full attentions to keep all dogs as safe and happy as possible as this is a top priority for me as an experienced, professional walker.

Matching Suitability: My professional group walks can be great for your dogs interaction and social skills with other sociable dogs but like humans, not all dogs get on well so with some others. By walking small controlled groups I can monitor the dogs really carefully and try to match suitable dogs together on my group walks to ensure that EVERY dog on my walk is getting the most enjoyable and relaxed experience possible – no bullying or chasing of the more sensitive dogs allowed on my walks!

Safety and Control: With years of experience including teaching basic obedience I will also put good practice measures in place, such as ‘Wait’ before exiting the van, and will aim to teach your dog a recall to the whistle. All with positive, reward-based reinforcements.

I am delighted to say I receive so many lovely comments from other members of the public including cyclists, horse riders and joggers, regarding my overall control of the pack when walking in public areas – this is my main aim in order to keep your dogs as safe as I can.

Recalled and awaiting their leads to be put on at the end of the walk

Safe, Varied Locations: It is preferable to vary the locations of your dog’s walks to really get the best for your dogs’s mental stimulation, sensory stimulation, general health & fitness, and to help relieve boredom. My walks cover many beautiful areas such as Farnham Park, Puttenham Common, Little Frensham, Bourne Woods, Alice Holt and more!

Keeping You In The Picture: I will also send you pictures and/or videos clips of your dogs experiences with me and their doggy friends. A comment from one of many happy customer’s to receive a video of their dog:

“Oh this is so lovely. I can’t remember the last time Toby played like that – Thanks for sharing! I must say, he seems so happy and content since you’ve been having him, I’m not sure if it’s just me but he seems more chilled out, so thank you.” PETE

Individual Care: If your dog is either under 10 months old, a senior dog or a little on the poorly side then an individual walks/pet stops/daycare may be the answer. These services are often limited due to my schedule but please contact me for more information and availability and if I am unable to help you I may be able to pass you onto another contact.

I do have a pet stroller that can be used if walking permits and it’s a lovely way of letting the older/injured/recovering dogs still enjoy the many senses that walks can offer other than just physical activity.

Experienced Hands: I have been around dogs all of my life and have a very good understanding of them. I have also worked with dogs in the past and recently undertaken many courses including Canine Body Language and Reactive Rascals day courses run by The Dog Training College an am currently undergoing a further Canine Body Language course to help further my knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour. I am also fully insured and dog first-aid certified for peace of mind whilst on some beautiful walks in our lovely countryside.

Health, hygiene & safety during transport: My doggy cab is kept clean, dry and parasite free (as part of your Agreement you will be required to keep your dog up-to-date with internal and external parasite controls, as per your vet’s recommendations) and each dog is transported separately* and securely in large individual professionally fitted cages to ensure the have a safe and comfortable journey every time. Your dog’s safety is paramount especially on entering and exiting the van (when excitement can be hightened) and therefore all dogs are put on lead around the van, roads and carparks.

*dogs from same households may share a cage with owners permission.

Any coats owned and used by ZDDW are washed and dried after each use.

In Safe Hands
Fun & Games
Happy Dogs
Exploring Textures
Group Sniffing



Shared dog walks (Mon-Fri rates)

50-60mins: Currently 09.30-10.30am and 12.00-1.00pm (NB: times are approximate and may change during hot summer months with prior notice) : £17.00 per slot (Retainer Rate: £10 per slot – see note below). Multiple dogs from same household/using same walk service, will be awarded a 10% discount on walk prices.

RETAINER RATES: If you require a suspension in services (beyond 2 consecutive weeks) a ‘Retainer Rate’ will then be applied per slot in order to reserve your normal weekly service(s) until it is resumed. Please note: Retainer rates can only be applied for a maximum of 6 weeks, after which time your slot(s) will be released.

Individual dog walks (Mon-Fri rates) – Schedule permitting

Please contact me for individual pricing, as this will depend on your location, number of dogs to walk and length of walk required. Thank you.


Puppy Visits/Pet stops (Mon-Fri rates) – Schedule permitting

Prices shown can include: letting your dog(s) into the garden, cleaning up any little accidents made by your pet(s), puppy playtime, feeding, refreshing water bowls, switching lights on/off, closing/opening curtains, bringing council bins back to property off roadside to look like someone is home and of course lots of love and fuss! 45min stops can also include a short lead walk from your home, if required and suitable for your dog(s). Please note: You will be charged £5.00 per additional dog(s) requiring a short walk during this service (Only offered Mon – Fri between 2pm and 6pm):                                                    

15mins £11.00

30mins £16.00

45mins £18.50

Weekend walk/drop in service

This is not a standard service offered by ZDDW but individual arrangements may be possible on special request.

Need A More Tailored service?

If the services and times offered above are not exactly what you are looking for, a more tailored service may be more suited and may be arranged directly with me.  

Please note:

  • All Services are offered in conjunction with the relevant paperwork/agreements (supplied by Zena D Dog Walking on an initial meeting) being thoroughly read, understood and signed, prior to any services commencing.
  • Usual walking services are offered Mon-Fri and available time slots can be discussed and arranged during the initial meeting.
  • All times stated are approximate.
  • Length of exercise time is approximate and as stated under each description above, unless advice from a veterinarian/owner suggests otherwise.
  • Prices shown above are based on Mon-Fri services. Weekend services maybe available but some services maybe subject to additional charges. Please contact me for further details and prices.
  • A Schedule will be emailed to customers at the weekend to those who have services booked during the coming week and this must be checked thoroughly by the customer.
  • Shared walks can only be offered to regular customers and are subject to conditions as set out in the Agreement.
  • Puppies under the age of 10 months can only be considered for Pet Sitting or Puppy Stop services.
  • A trial period may be required for walking services and will be discussed in advance.
  • All prices quoted are subject to change. Prices will not be increased for existing customer’s services without prior notice being given to them in writing, as set out in their signed Agreement with ZDDW.
  • Bank Holidays will be charged at time and a half.
  • Walking services are not offered on the following days – Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day.