Doggy Home Daycare – Services & Prices

I am delighted to be able to offer 5* licensed doggy daycare facilities at my home in Farnham – the highest rating awarded by Waverley Borough Council.

If your dog enjoys all of the comforts of the home rather than a kennel environment, then this is the place for them when you are simply busy with work, children or other commitments. The advantage of taking up my regular walking and daycare slots is your dog can then be considered for my overnight (home boarding) services. Taking only my regular dogs for home boarding is better for the dog as they know me and lots of the other dogs well enough to feel much more relaxed in our company from the off-set, making the whole experience a more pleasurable one for them.

When your dog stays with my family and I they will be treated as such.

If their stay includes a weekend they’re more than likely to enjoy trips out with us as a family to cafe’s, restaurants etc (with your prior consent of course), as well as some different walking locations – as the 3 of us (myself, my hubby Gary and Gary’s daughter Amelia – a dog hydrotherapist herself), love to include your dogs as much as we can. No long periods alone in a concrete kennel for our boarding guests!! 

Please note: Only dogs of 10 months and over will be considered for my services due to the length of walks and calm environment wishing to be achieved.

Although I am not a qualified groomer I do have plenty of past experience and am happy to offer regular customer’s dog’s a slight trim of the face feet and/or feathers, an all over trim or a whole body clip at a very reasonable rate. Many of my customers find this service very helpful between professional grooms, or even in place of!

My Full Daycare (Mon-Fri rate: £31.00 per dog/24hrs    Sat/Sun rate: £40.00 per dog/24hrs):

Your dog will be welcomed to my home for up to 10hrs of daycare a day (between 8am and 6pm) from just £31.00. 

Drop off time is requested between 8am & 8.45am and collections between 5pm & 6pm. Earlier/later times can be arranged at an additional cost of £2.00 per hour/part hour.

Shortly after your dog arrives (or a collection may be arranged at around 9-9.30am), he/she will join up to 5 other doggy friends for a fabulous and controlled walk (50-60mins unless exercise restrictions apply) in some of the most beautiful areas locally. Locations are varied to add much more mental stimulation for your dog. (Please note: I ask that all dogs joining my services have a good recall in order to keep them nearby and safe when we are out walking).

After their long, stimulating walk they will come back to my very dog friendly cottage in Farnham and given the all important time to rest and relax in real comfort whilst I undergo my second walk. This will give your dogs some necessary time alone to help bring their hormone levels down following their exercise. Time to ‘chill’ is really important for dogs, especially when in a multi-dog household, between walks and any mind games offered, I aim for a really calm and peaceful environment for the dogs that I care for.

PLEASE click on these links to find out more – I think a lot of people will be surprised to read them!……


In the afternoons dog will enjoy the company of myself and a few other well behaved dogs in my home. Depending on the breed and health of your dog they can either have another shorter afternoon walk, some mental enrichment games, dog play time, a bit of grooming and fuss, or just left alone to have a relaxing sleep, often accompanied by the wonderful smell of my Dog Sanctuary Candle! Your dog(s) will also have constant access to my beautiful and safe garden which has a mixture of grassed, shingle or paved area, and flower boarders – so options for all preferences! 

I aim for a quiet, relaxed home environment and believe it is in the dog’s best interest to feel calm and rested in the home. Any dogs unable to join the hour group walk (ie due to health restrictions) can be offered alternative enrichment to stimulate their senses without too much excitement or physical exertion. 


Daycare collections are between 5pm & 6pm (after which time an additional charge of £2.00 per hour/ part hour will be added). Latest collection time is 9.30pm after which requires an overnight stay to avoid disturbing other dogs who are settling down for the night. 

Late Morning Walk Followed By PM Care (£27.00 per dog/service):

Schedule permitting your dog can be collected from your home late morning (if local to Farnham) to join a fun but controlled 50-60min group walk (unless exercise restrictions apply) and then your dog can enjoy the benefits of my PM care (see below) 

PM Care Only (£22.00 per dog/service):

This services is from 2.30pm and is best suited to dogs that only require either a shorter walk of around 20-30mins or some mental enrichment games during the afternoon. This can include the older dogs or dogs that struggle more physically for any reason. Please note dog’s can be separated to give time and space when needed.

If PM care only is requested and in order to assist your dog in feeling relaxed here please ensure your dog has had adequate/suitable exercise in the morning prior to boarding as only a short walk or mentally challenging games will be included in the PM services.

Dogs for PM care can either be collected by Zena from their home (if local to Farnham) at around 1.30–2pm, or dropped off to my home from 2.30pm. Dogs must be collected by the owner at the end of the day between 5 & 6pm (see below for usual timings/additional costs).

Home Boarding – overnight/holiday care for my regular walking and/daycare customers (£35 per dog/24hrs or part – NB Single and double weekend nights booked for Fri/Sat/Sun are £50.00 per dog/24hrs or part) if the weekend is part of a longer boarding period it is still charged at £35 per dog/24hrs or part:

This service is only offered to my regular walking and day care customers as I like the dogs to be familiar with me and thus help them to immediately feel more settled and relaxed which in turn has a positive impact on any other dogs in my home.

Your dogs will be treated as one of my own in our lovely old cottage in Farnham and every care will be taken to ensure they are as happy and content as possible. Your dog(s) will live with my husband and I and our own 3 dogs in our happy, chilled out and child-free household. We aim for a calm environment so our environment is not suited to every dog and therefore a trial is always requested. Whilst in our company, we often light a calming Nolattie Dog Sanctuary candle to help the dogs settle. We can also offer a cosy designated dog room for any dog that prefers a little bit of time and space totally to themselves, which is important for some dogs – especially the older ones. If we find your dog is not settling well downstairs we would be happy to take them wherever they feel most relaxed and at home….



I believe my familiarity with your dog(s) will help them to feel more settled in your absence, and only accepting dogs that are already familiar with us for overnight care, has meant we have achieved this mission with great success! As you can probably see from the many images shown in the gallery, all of the dogs that stay with us receive plenty of outdoor daily group exercise, as well as lots of love and fuss which I believe really helps to make them happy and relaxed in the home environment. Suitable dogs, with your permission, will also be welcome to join us for days out or the odd visit to a cafe, restaurant etc. We aim to make their holiday as enjoyable as your own!


I am also able to offer additional grooming services (including clipping, trimming and bathing), to my regular customers at very reasonable rates.

Here’s just one before and after!…




Here are a few of the advantages to using my licensed home daycare services:
  • 5* licensed business and therefore fully covered by my insurance company.
  • Regular updates and images can be sent to you during your dogs visits.
  • Important ‘down time’ is allowed for your dog to rest in total comfort following his/her morning walk and a quiet space away from other dogs is always available to them if they choose. 
  • A regular grooming regime is offered during your dogs vacation.
  • Soft, clean beds, blankets, chairs and sofas are in abundance around the home for your dog to choose from.
  • Beautiful Nolattie Dog Sanctuary candles can be lit (whilst attended), in order to help calm and relax any slightly anxious dogs.
  • I can offer your dog a basic grooming service including bathing, trimming and/or clipping at very reasonable rates.
  • I use the wonderful DermOpt doggy products including their shampoo and Coat Care spray – leaving your dog’s coat soft and clean. You can read more about these wonderful products here: 
  • Regular off lead exercise (with owner’s written permission) is given daily in a variety of our beautiful countryside.
  • My centrally heated home with the addition of underfloor heating in both the kitchen and ‘doggy room’ and a lovely wood burning stove in the lounge, offers a cosy retreat on those colder winter evenings.
  • Doggy paddling pool and raised dog beds available in the garden in the hotter summer months.
  • Playtimes are offered in the afternoons and alternative mental stimulation is offered for any dogs on a restricted exercise programme.
  • Your dogs are correctly supervised and monitored by myself and my doggy loving husband Gary and we strive to make your dog’s holiday with us as special and relaxed as your own!
  • Regular Daycare customers can take advantage of my overnight home boarding service.
Just some of the procedures in place at Lavender Cottage for your dog’s safety, health & welfare:
  • Regular pest control procedures and risk assessments.
  • All dogs using my services are required to be kept up-to-date with Vaccinations and flea/worming treatments, as advised by your vet and details of treatments will be requested and kept on file.
  • Dogs are separated for feeding and clear instructions of food and feeding times are requested within the paperwork issued for your completion.
  • Regular cleaning regime and only pet friendly disinfectants are used in the areas your pets will frequent in both the home and garden. I have also opted to use a variety of DermOpt products throughout my business to aid infection control measures:
  • Fire, emergency and isolation procedures in place.
  • Isolation and medical boxes are kept complete and to hand.
  • Isolation service in place and also arranged with my Vet.
  • I am also first aid certified and annual courses are attended/undertaken to keep me information and updated and help your pet safer whilst in my care.


5* Fully licensed business with Waverley Borough Council (License no. LN/000005630).

I am delighted to offer a home-from-home boarding service (max of 8 dogs in the household including any resident dogs), at the following rates per dog:

Home Boarding (overnight):

Single midweek nights (Mon-Thur) or weekend (Fri – Sun) 2 night min:£40.00 (per 24hr/part).

1-2 weekend nights (Fri/Sat/Sun): £50.00 (per 24hr/part).

Daycare Slots:

Regular Full Daycare Slots:

Monday – Friday rates, between the hours of 8.00am–6.00pm: £32.00 (Retainer Rate*: £14.00)

Saturday & Sunday rates (for existing customers only), between the hours of 8.00am–6.00pm: £40.00 (Retainer Rate*: £18.50 see note below)

Regular Group Walk +Pm Care slots

Monday – Friday rates, between the hours of 12am (collections usually 11.00-11.50m) –6pm: £24.00 (Retainer Rate*: £12.00 see note below)

Regular, PM Only slots

Monday – Friday rates, between the hours of 2pm–6pm: £20.00 (Retainer Rate*: £10.00 see note below)

BOARDING NOTES (please read carefully): Drop off times for Daycare service are to be made strictly between 8 & 9am. Collections are requested between 5 & 6pm. If drop off or collections are either side of these times an additional rate of £1.50 per hour or part hour will incur. Collections may be possible before 5pm if arranged in advance. Latest daily collection time is 9.30pm (when an overnight board will be requested if after this time).

*RETAINER RATES: If you require a suspension in services (beyond 2 consecutive weeks) a ‘Retainer Rate’ will then be applied per slot in order to reserve your normal weekly service(s) until it is resumed. Please note: Retainer rates can only be applied for a maximum of 6 weeks, after which time your slot(s) will be released.                                                                    


Please note:

  • Prices shown are per slot/dog.
  • Other weekend care/walks may also be available – please contact me to discuss your requirements.
  • Please note terms and conditions apply and your dog(s) may be required to undergo a trial visit prior to acceptance.All Services are offered in conjunction with the relevant paperwork/agreements (supplied by Zena D Dog Walking on an initial meeting) being thoroughly read, understood and signed, prior to any services commencing.
  • Length of exercise time is approximate and as stated under each description above, unless advice from a veterinarian/owner suggests otherwise.
  • Additional exercise during boarding can be requested but may be subject to an extra charge.
  • Longer hours of care outside the usual times may be available and will be charged at £1.50 per hour/part hour either side of the usual hours stated in the details of each service above.
  • Additional collection/delivery costs may occur depending on your location from my home address.
  • All times stated are approximate.
  • Any schedules emailed to customers reflecting services booked, must be thoroughly checked by the customer and any issues/errors raised immediately with Zena.
  • Regular Service Discounts may be offered – subject to conditions. Please ask for further details.
  • Puppies under the age of 10 months can only be considered for Pet Sitting or Puppy Stop services if available.
  • A trial period may be required for Boarding services and will be discussed in advance.
  • A deposit may be required for Home Boarding and will be discussed in advance.
  • All prices quoted are subject to change. Prices will not be increased for existing customer’s services without prior notice being given to them in writing, as set out in their signed Agreement with ZDDW.
  • Bank Holidays will be charged at time and a half.
  • If any of my regular customers are interested in my Home Boarding services, please do contact me for more detailed information and a booking form.